Tint and battle the summer heat

The services offered by Office window tinting Perth are prompt, reliable and exclusive. The possibilities are immense and you can install decorative Sun control film to satisfy your specific and exclusive designs.

Window tinting will not only protect you and your staff from the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays, and keep everyone comfortable it could also be used to convey a message to your passersby, by using digital graphics printing.

Office window tinting Perth installed Sun control film, can prevent damage by vandalism to your costly glass windows, and the film can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing a whole glass pane.

In your home with energy bills soaring, you could reduce it substantially by using the professional services of Home window tinting Perth and having all your glass windows tinted, with the most modern and technologically advanced Sun control film.

Reducing glare and solar heat by 93% would enhance the performance of your air-conditioning and heating systems. Home window tinting Perth will use only approved Sun control film with international acceptance which are tried and tested with reliable warranties.

Driving your car during the height of summer could be quite uncomfortable with ambient temperatures climbing to 45 degrees plus Centigrade. The Sun with it’s skin cancer causing UV rays blazing down on you and your loved ones can be stopped at your car window.

Thanks to the new application technology developed with self adhesive properties, Car window tinting Perth installed Sun control film will give you a safe and comfortable journey. The film will provide adequate protection from any shards if your car window is shattered due to any unforeseen incident too.

Commissioning Car window tinting Perth for protection you desire would give you a carefree confidence that the work that we have carried out on your car will be to the highest international standards. We do not compromise on our workmanship and this has been our forte, and the testimonials that we have been showered with over the years is the driving force for our position at the top.

We are just a call away and could offer you many options, whether it is for your home, office or car. We use only the best Sun control films available and they are all easy to install and are sustained with irrevocable warranties. Call us for a No obligation quote and we would undertake your work promptly.   


Using colorbond fencing extensively

If you are contemplating of repairing or replacing your fences there is no better fencing contractor in Australia that you can turn to other than Jim’s Fencing, the leaders in the business. Having served the Australian community with integrity and honesty since 1997 you could be rest assured that you would benefit immensely form our experience and superlative workmanship.

Jim’s Fencing a member of Jim’s Group, the largest home services franchise conglomerate in Australia would not only provide you with exemplary workmanship but would procure the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities prior to installing the fencing that you choose.

We use only high quality materials and all of them are approved by the Federal and State authorities as conforming to Australian Standards certification. Our fencing contractors would always carry identification from our company and accreditation from the Australian Fence Industry Association (AFIA), the governing body for all fencing contractors in Australia.

We use colorbond fencing extensively which is a very popular choice of home owners, due to their versatility in design, easy maintenance and attractive colours. It carries a ten year warranty from the manufacturer, which enhances value addition in the use of this product.

If you are a lover of a natural environment we could give you a wide selection of timber fencing, which timber is certified as not being from any rain forests illegally felled but from trees grown for industrial use. We love the environment as you do and use only certified timber fencing.

Jim’s Fencing has some great designs in screen fencing, which could be installed to discreetly cover areas in your home garden from prying eyes. Workshops and store rooms could be carefully obscured fro view but keeping the aesthetic ambience of your property.

We will give you a no obligation quotation once we visit and assess your requirements. You could select the fencing you need and we will make every effort to give you exactly what you would have aspired. We work to detail and satisfying our customers has been our forte and reason for success.

We erect pool fencing of the highest quality and know it is a safety measure that would protect your loved ones, from danger. Our glass pool fencings are artfully designed to bring out the best of your garden.

Public who would be the third party?

Public liability insurance and Business liability insurance are mandatory if you are planning to embark on any business venture in Australia. Whilst the former would consist of legislated clauses pertaining to the specific business, the latter to an extent would comprise of clauses that could be at the prerogative of the business entity itself.

The Federal government and the State governments consists of elected representatives of the citizens, hence the citizens have to be compensated if any tragedy occurs due to either negligence, carelessness or any other action by business entities during the course of conducting such business.

The primary concern of the government is to ensure that the appropriate insurance is underwritten by a recognized insurer and the insured is adequately protected financially to pay out such compensation, to the public who would be the third party.

In the case of Commercial insurance and Business insurance both are more or less the same but the former would suit a large organization with high end business interests into many areas and the latter would be available to any type of business, whether small or medium.

On the other hand Commercial building insurance would be taken out for a commercial building as the caption would suggest. A commercial building is one that would cater to commercial activity, which would be different from a residential building. To elaborate further, a commercial building would operate during commercial hours of the day, which would generally be from 8 A.M to 6 P.M.

Before and after these times the number of people who would be in the commercial building would be at a minimum, hence if a tragedy occurs, the payment of compensation for loss of life or injury to persons would be also at a minimum. Hence the premium for Commercial building insurance would be far less than premiums on residential buildings, where people would be resident in the building 24 x 7.

The construction sector in the Australian economy as available data of years 2010/2011 records contributed 7.7% of production of goods and services, which amounted to Aus $ 102 billion. It would seem that the contribution from the construction sector has increased over the last decade.

In this context Building construction insurance and Construction insurance would also have proportionately increased.        


Competent in electrical systems

Jim Penman and Jim’s Group, stands out as one of Australia’s business success stories. Studying for a Doctorate in History a young man with a few hours to spare in-between studies decided to help a few home owners mow their lawns and earn a few bucks to supplement his student days. What started as a part time chore has grown into the world’s largest mowing franchise with 3400 franchisees and operations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and UK.

With an impressive reputation for honesty, integrity, transparency and reliability, Jim’s branched out into other home services and today there is no home service that Jim’s don’t do. We do anything and everything that home owners want done to keep their homes, dear ones and even pets safe, clean and comfortable.

Jim’s Test & Tag was founded a few years back to bring the safety factor to Jim’s varied operations Since then we have made many homes and offices safe , with our professional test and tag services.

One of the most important aspects when contemplating safety, in a home, office or other building is the electrical systems which would need an electrical risk assessment certification. As laymen we may not be able to quantify the dangers our electrical systems and appliances pose to us and our loved ones but testing and tagging them would ease our concerns. It is only professionals competent in electrical systems and lead tagging who could tell us what is wrong and where after a Test and Tag.

It is always better to be safe than sorry later especially where electricity systems are concerned. A comprehensive test & tag could put your mind at ease. It is a statutory requirement that owners of homes and buildings regularly carry out electrical testing and tagging.

It is a legal obligation that public areas are made safe for quick evacuation if anything unforeseen happens hence regular emergency lights testing is mandatory.

To service the heavy load of testing tagging inquiries being directed to us we need committed entrepreneurs to join us and buy a test and tag franchise which with hard work and dedication will be a good return on investment.

All electrical tagging must conform to Australian Standards 3760 and 3012